Aaron Kali


With a love for jewellery, Kelly, Artistic Director, decided to create her own brand ``Aaron Kali``.
Her wish was to see things differently! She wanted customers to be able to buy a piece of jewellery that looks like them, with a symbol that is close to their hearts.

Attracted by calligraphy, her brand now offers unique products and gives customers the opportunity to create and express their own universe.

For her, a piece of jewellery is not just an accessory! It represents an attachment, be it to a culture or a history. Wearing a piece of jewellery makes sense, it becomes a real ornament!


Who is Aaron Kali?

Jewelry has multiple functions: social, magical, identity, utilitarian, erotic, sentimental or religious. But above all, they must be beautiful, fascinating and eye-catching in order to show you off to your best advantage.
Jeweler-creator of exception, Aaron Kali proposes jewels which, beyond their refinement and their quality, carry a message which belongs only to you, making of this object the reflection of your personality.

To this will, is added the love of ancient cultures, peoples and their history. This is how Aaron Kali decided to use one of the major tools of civilizations: ancient writings and their meaning, focusing his creativity on Hebrew calligraphy.

A passionate artist, Aaron Kali draws his inspiration from characters, ideograms and religious symbolism. His mixed origins, his love for people and his hope for peace are found in each of his creations.

Jewelry has the power to open hearts and reveal the identity of souls.

Aaron Kali


Aaron Kali invites you to a great experience, imagine and model your jewelry. Choose the material and the colors you like to wear, the letters materializing your message, the size that fits you and create an exceptional and original piece of jewelry.
In addition to offering a pure and elegant design, your jewel is charged with a powerful symbolism. Aaron Kali's creations propose to unite two Hebrew letters or symbols of your choice to offer an object that takes all its meaning. Your jewel then becomes as precious as the message it carries, strong and personal.

The meticulous design that sublimates the material of these two symbols, the simplicity and finesse of a gold chain linked by two intertwining letters, the personalization of each piece, all this makes your jewel a unique object.

Discover the universe of Aaron Kali and let yourself be seduced by his discreet but remarkable jewels.


It is important to Aaron Kali that the strength of his jewelry is reflected in precious metals of rare purity.
All our jewels are made in 18 carat (750/1000th) French traditional gold in one of the oldest jewelry houses in Lyon, putting all its know-how and commitment to quality ``Made in France``.

We take the greatest care at each stage of creation, design and realization in order to obtain original jewelry with irreproachable finishes.


Some of our photos are taken in collaboration with Gilles Pincemaille.