Portrait Kelly


Kelly, Artistic Director, decided to create her own brand ``Aaron Kali`` out of her love for jewelry.

Sensitive to calligraphy and out of love for ancient cultures, peoples and their history, she imagines jewelry based on symbols, whether religious, spiritual or emotional.
Her mixed origins and her hope for peace are reflected in each of her creations.

For her, a piece of jewelry is not only an accessory, it represents an attachment to a culture, a personal history. Wearing a piece of jewelry takes on meaning, it adorns the skin and highlights an intimate and strong symbolism.


Inclusive and unisex brand, it wants to offer the freedom to each and everyone to personalize their jewel by associating symbols so that it looks like you. Designed with precious materials, they are thought to resist and last in time.

Imagined and designed by Kelly, the jewels are then made with traditional French 18-carat gold (750/1000th, yellow, grey or pink) that can be adorned with precious metals (white or black diamonds, sapphire, ruby) by a craftsman from Lyon. This craftsman puts all his expertise and commitment in the quality ``Made in France``, he also works for big names of the Place Vendôme. We take the greatest care in each step of creation, design and realization in order to obtain original jewelry with impeccable details.


Jewelry has the power to open hearts and reveal the identity of souls.

Aaron Kali