Symbolics of precious stones


A true symbol of loyalty and courage, this stone of fire will give you motivation and overflowing energy. It will also give you protection in your daily life.


Known for its blue color, Sapphire brings peace of mind, serenity and spiritual power. It will also develop your imagination and creative spirit.

Eye of Tiger

This stone is often worn as an amulet for good luck, considered as a protective shield that reflects the bad waves, it gives you back your self-confidence and promotes your concentration.

Black Diamond

Known as the most enigmatic of all diamonds, the black diamond is a rare stone of incomparable beauty, it represents protection as well as strength.


A stone with balanced virtues which will make your happiness in everyday life. It will reinforce your fidelity, your patience as well as your capacity to distinguish the good from the evil. It will also promote healing.

diamant AaronKali


The diamond is the symbol par excellence of eternity, often offered as a gift during engagement, it represents the strength of your love. Known as one of the most precious stones, it is appreciated for its beauty and quality!